Monday, 14 August 2017

My Trip To Los Angeles

Words can't describe how amazing my trip to LA was and I want to share with you some of the best bits from an amazing nine days. Scroll down to see all of my highlights...

Now I couldn't upload this without including at least one palm tree picture when infact there is more coming further down, sorry not sorry but I really like palm trees.

When we arrived in LA we spent the afternoon at Griffith Observatory because I wanted to get a view of the whole of LA and I wasn't dissapointed, the view was breath taking and it finally made this whole thing feel real after id dreamed of being here for a long time. Also Griffith Observatory was featured on the movie LaLaLand and I really wanted to go inside and see the things to do with space and time but I have to admit that the view was the best part.

From the observatory we got to see the Hollywood Sign for the first time and it was so incredible to see even if we did have to zoom in on our cameras to get it in shot.

On the Saturday we went to Beverly Hills and honestly I felt like I was in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Pretty Women as everywhere was so picture perfect and just like you see in movies and tv.

The palm trees were insane as we drove along Beverly Hills on our way to Rodeo Drive.

So we couldn't go to Beverly Hills and not go to the famous Beverly Hills Hotel which is a Instagramers paradise due too the pinks, greens and palm trees and how photogenic everything is. I had to get the stereotypical Instagram picture with the sigh including the palm trees.

So we arrived on Rodeo Drive and we walked along one of the most expensive roads in the world looking into all of the designer boutiques and trying to spot celebrities on the way but unfortunately we weren't lucky enough to see anyone famous.

On the corner of the road was Louis Vuitton which was probably one of the best ive ever visited due to its amazing arcutechure, I did pick up something from the store to remember my trip to Los Angeles which I did post over on my Instagram.

Now I'm a big movie junkie and one of my all time favourites is Pretty Women and going to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was an absolute dream as we got to see one of the locations used in the movie.

Walking up the steps onto Via Rodeo I remember someone telling me that you must go and see the jewelry store from GTA 5 and I did happen to go and see it, not because I'm a fan of the game but because I have a weakness for anything with diamonds. That sentence pretty much sums me up.

So on the Saturday afternoon we went to one of Instagram's most famous spots in LA and that was the 'Made In LA' wall and the Paul Smith 'pink wall' which was on Melrose Avenue which was such a cool place in LA filled with shops and cafes.

I took way too many pictures here and the hardest part was picking the best ones to put on here and on my Instagram

I was very apprehensive about how we were spending over Saturday evening and that was going to see the Dodgers which are a LA baseball team and before going I had no idea of how the sport work due to the fact that I have no interest in sports but I went anyway and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it even if I had no idea what was going on throughout.

I went in a casual outfit and something that was far from showing my sport for the dodgers so me and my Dad got matching baseball hats which I highly doubt I will ever wear again but it made a really good Instagram so its all good.

The game was amazing and it lasted for several hours with plenty of breaks but it was very good night which I would definitely do again.

This day we headed to Santa Monica beach and had a chilled day lounging on the beach and tried to get a natural tan.

I took this bikini picture just to keep for myself for the memories of the day etc but I did post it on my Instagram which I was very nervous about as I have zero body confidence about being in a bikini so putting a picture of me in one onto the Internet makes me feel so nervous and feel like hundreds of people will be sat behind a screen judging me but thankful I received no negative comments well to my face at least.

I watch alot of Youtube and every time someone comes to Santa Monica they go to Pier Burger for a burger and they were amazing and probably one of the best I've ever had.

I had to get a picture of the food before we ate it just so I could include it on my blog and Instagram. if your in Santa Monica you MUST go here for a burger.

A cool thing to do is walk, cycle or skate from Santa Monica to Venice Beach which is about an 30 minute walk which we did along the beach which was such a relaxing afternoon even if it was a work out. We chose to walk it but I did run a bit of the way as I hadn't actually worked out since I got to America.

Venice Beach was very different to what I thought and was filled with people skating in the skate park which you see a lot of film and tv.

We spent Monday at Universal Studio mainly because we wanted to ride the Harry Potter ride because it is my favourite ride and we haven't been o it since Florida four years ago.

It was a relaxed day as we went on all of our favourite rides in the park and stayed for the fireworks.

On the Tuesday morning we went to the Warner Brothers Studios to see where they film all of my favourite tv shows and movies.

We got to see the Pretty Little Liars set which was incredible because its one of my favourite shows and being able to walk around the set was really cool. As well as seeing that set we went around the Big Bang Theory which is my favourite show and seeing the set was really strange because it is way smaller than it appears on tv. Due to copyright we went allowed to take pictures of the set because the show is still being filmed but it was good to appreciate it without taking pictures and really living in the moment.

On the afternoon we went along the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and went on a Hollywood Hills Tour to feel like real tourists, on the tour we got to see some celebrity houses past and present including Michael Jackson and Katy Perry which was really cool.

We seen the Chinese Cinema which is where  the Oscars is filmed and browed the Beverly Highland Mall.

Unfortunately we came to our last day and we spent that in Malibu relaxing on the beach. We spent most of the day topping up our tan and dipping into the Pacific Ocean, we walked along Zuma Beach which is next to Maibu before heading back in the car to downtown LA.

For our last meal in Los Angeles I wanted to go to In-out Burger because we couldn't come all this way and not true one of their famous burgers and I have to admit it was probably one of the best burgers I've ever had.

After an amazing 2 weeks visiting the West Coast we left the city of Angels and headed back to gloomy England. Thank you for reading this post where I shared my trip to Los Angeles, make sure you read my Las Vegas and Grand Canyone post to get a insight into the start of my holiday.
My normal posts will be starting up again soon.

lots of love,