Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tuesday 16th August - A Day In Manchester By.Lucy.Hilda

This passed Tuesday I visited Manchester for a day of shopping with my bestfriend Georgia we had a wonderful day and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights.

We started off the day outside of Louis Vuitton, the tradition continued as I persuaded  Georgia to get in the traditional picture outside the store. We both looked really happy and we went inside and browsed at all the bags. The bag I wanted to see the most was the Twist MM Epi Leather as I've been crushing on the bag a lot since it launched last year. The bag was beautiful but in my opinion its abit pricey for the size of the bag.

 Inside Selfridges ground floor we went inside all the designer handbag boutiques: Gucci,Prada, Hermés and then into Chanel.

On the top of my handbag wish-list has been the medium Chanel Boy in black Caviar leather in gold hardware and I wanted to go in Chanel and see it in real life. In March I went to Chanel but I did see the Chanel boy but not in the specific leather and hardware.
The sales associate was lovely and I managed to have a real conversation with her which was nice because usually they are really rude and not helpful. The bag was so beautiful but very expensive however any Chanel bag is an investment because each year their bags are going up by around 800-1000 pound therefore if you came to sell it you would definitely sell it for more than what you bought it for.

At the moment I am loving the window displays Louis Vuitton are doing, the colour of the planets are fitting in with the bright coloured leather of the bags. Louis Vuitton are becoming more modern each season with their bright colours and prints, I do think the creative director Nicolas Ghesquière is doing a great job at making the brand more modern and taking a spin on the well established Monogram print. 

We went up to the next floor in Selfridges which is shoe heaven and our first stop was Christain Louboutin

 and either me or Georgia had actually tried a pair one so we both went crazy and tried loads on. 
My favourite was the So Kate's in black in the 100mm heel, they are the smallest heel size which is perfect for me because being quite tall I don't really need that much extra height.
We had a lovely sales associate who brought out loads of shoes for us to try and knew a fair amount of information about the shoes which was good.

Next we went up to the clothing floor and Georgia hunted down the Balmain section and she picked up a few items and a sales associate took us to the personal shopper fitting rooms which were huge and were better than the regular ones.  

Georgia tried on the famous blazer, dress and two skirts however neither us have over one thousand pound to spend on a blazer so we causally leave the fitting room and tell the lady " we will think about it" which in our language means " we cant afford it but just wanted to try in on for a Instagram" but she doesn't need to know the truth.

Georgia looked stunning in the blazer but its very rare that she doesn't look nice in something(she didn't pay me to say that). 

The rest of the day we did more shopping in the main shopping centre and I managed to pick up some new clothes for autumn/winter from H&M but I will show you them in blogpost soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will write another post soon.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Desk Inspiration By.LucyHilda

I love spending hours scrolling through Pinterest finding new ways to decorate my desk and other parts of my room.After changing up my desk a lot over the past few months, I am finally happy with the way it look.

So I wanted to share with you what is on my desk and this may give you some inspiration on how to change up your desk.

To start off the biggest thing on my desk is my Apple IMac which takes up the majority of the space on my desk. It is the most important thing because its how I write my posts and watch TV. I'm always changing up the background but currently its this Chanel picture which I found on Tumblr.
To go with the screen I have my keyboard along with mouse, I don't actually like mouse mats because I cant find one to match my room therefore I use a notebook.

I love writing with colourful pens therefore you can usually find them on my desk or placed in a pot, this just adds a bit of colour to a plain desk. These pots are great to keep pens in and other items you have probably seen them before because they are in every corner of my room but they are from Ikea.

I like to keep some hard back fashion and beauty books on my desk. One of my new favourites is my fashion Book which is a fashion dictionary filled with every designer brand in the world its a great coffee table book for anyone obsessed with fashion. You can find most of these books on Amazon or in other bookstores.

Thanks for reading and I will see you very soon.
                                                                            Lucy xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Denim Diaries - Heels and Jeans By.Lucyhilda

We all want to look casual but sometimes we still want to look chic which means getting out them heels and rocking them. You could be popping to the supermarket or grabbing brunch with friends but adding a pair of simple heels can transform a simple outfit to one suitable for a runway show.
On a sunday no one wants to be dressing up thats why you grab your denim jeans and a simple tee paired with some sneakers but now you can have that casual outfit and still look like you are making the effort by adding heels.

A trend that we have seen this spring/summer was jeans and heels and I love the look therefore I'm putting my spin on it.


The outfit is so simple but it looks so chic.To make the outfit even better grab your favourite handbag  and add some jewerally. I added my Pandora bracelet which looks stunning paired with my watch.


Shop my outfit

Jeans: Topshop Baxter jeans 
Top: Tommy Hilfigar 
shoes: New Look
bag: Louis Vuitton

Thanks for reading and I will see you soon.