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One Of The best City Trips Ever- Rome 2016 By.LucyHilda

Not often I come back from holiday feeling down and depressed wishing I could be back on holiday but my trip to Rome made me feel just like that. I got back late friday night and I just want to be back in beautiful Rome. I went there not knowing that I would enjoy it as much as I did.
If you don't know Paris is my favourite city but going to Rome has made me rethink that, Paris for me is somewhere Ive wanted to live since I was seven years old but now I want to live in Rome for a while.

Today I want to share with you my trip to Rome. Enjoy.

Day 1
30th May 2016

The trip started at 3am in Gatwick airport where I flew with Easyjet into Rome Fiumicino airport, we got a taxi to our hotel which took around 45 minutes . The hotel was in the centre of Rome and only at 10-15 minute walk to all the main attractions. It was close to lots of bars and restaurants. 

We had a quick freshen up before going out to explore the city, the first place I wanted to go was the Trevi Fountain to throw a coin in, lets just say it has been ticked off my bucket list. Did any of you watch the Lizzie Mcquire movie? well that is done in Rome and I remember watching it when I was younger and used to say that I would go to Rome one day. Well it came true!

We went walked around some of the other touristy sites and tried to work out how to get back to the hotel, lets say it took awhile as every street in Rome looks the same so is very hard to identify which road would lead us to our  Hotel.

  And of course going to a new city I had to find the Louis Vuitton store for a picture. In Rome they have two Louis Vuitton around a 2 minutes walk apart, I was very excited about that. We went in both and browed at all the amazing bags, clothes and accessories.

I also got some other picture outside other designer shops but I haven't included them in this as I don't want to bore you with them because there is quite a few.

We had a lovely dinner at a Italian restaurants close to our hotel and of course I had a pizza which was so good. Our hotel had a roof top bar where we had a few drinks and enjoyed watching the beautiful sunset and admired the city at night. 

Day 2
31st May 2016

Our first full day was spent doing the most touristy thing you could do in Rome. We visited the Colosseum. It was beautiful and was so surreal to be walking around something built thousands of years ago. 

I had to bring the dog filter to the colosseum along with every snapchat filter possible. I could make a post just about all the selfies I took. I do appologies to the people watching my snapchat stories as they were full of these selfies and videos.

The Colosseum was so beautiful and I couldn't understand how they built it and how it is still looking so beautiful thousands of years later. I think everyone should visit the Colosseum at least once in their lives just to experiance the history of it.

Photo credits go to my Dad on this one , you should really follow him on Instagram @travelwithpaul

I love this picture even if my facial expression looks as if I'm hating having my picture taken. My parents love to have the camera in my face taking photos of everything and everyone. My dad has the camera in my face recording me explaining where we are, which looking back at the footage you wouldnt think I was having an amazing holiday. Every shot starts with " dad get that camera out of my face" Typical teenager.

     We finished at the Colosseum and walked to the river to see where they filmed james Bond Spectre. If you don't know they filmed a car chasing scene by the river. It was amazing to see where they filmed it. The bridges it self where amazing and it remindered me of Paris bridge.

We went to another italian resturant but I cant find a photo but I had an amazing pasta dish. We them went back and enjoyed the views off the roof top bar where yet again the sunset was beautiful.

Day 3 
1st June 2016

The morning was spent exploring some of the Roman ruins which were probably better then the Colosseum and if your in Rome are definetly worth a visit.

From ontop of the bulidings you had a view of the whole of Rome. a very touristy picture of me (left) which isnt the best as you cant really see any of the main Roman buildings other than some apartment blocks.We went back to the Colosseum for some more pictures to fill up my Instagram.

We then went on the hunt for the Ladurée shop which if you don't know is famous for their macaroons, and they are my favourite ones. I haven't had one since I was in paris back in 2013 so I was very excited to get another one.

 To end another amazing day we visited the second Louis Vuitton which was much bigger and was spread out over three floors.
Last picture is one of my favourites I took not sure why, make sure you check out my Ibnstagram for more of these pictures.

3rd June 2016

The final day we visited the Vatican and St Pauls Square which had been something I had been looking forward to seeing. I'm not religious but I still wanted to visit it and see the beautiful buildings. 
it was so overwhelming seeing all the beautiful architecture and the paintings on the walls. The history of the buildings all all its content was breath taking. The pictures don't give it justice of how gorgeous it actually is.

 To end such an amazing holiday we went to the Colosseum for the last time to say goodbye and take some last pictures. I cant express how much I have fallen inlove with Rome and I hope to come back again. I couldn't of came here without my fantastic parents, thank you both for taking to yet again another amazing city and I cant wait to do many more.

Thank you for reading this and I have enjoyed writing this and sharing all my pictures. Going to leave you with a picture of the Colosseum.Till next time Rome...                     Love Lucy                                     x

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